Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 101: the Pros and Cons of Going Green

Making the decision to switch to a cordless electric lawn mower is a big one, and it can be intimidating if you’re not sure what to expect. With awareness of environmental practices increasing, more homeowners are looking at eco-friendly alternatives like electric mowers as they maintain their yards. There are many advantages and disadvantages when making the jump from gas to electric, so let’s dive into Electric Mowers 101 and get acquainted with everything you need know about going green in your yard!

Advantages of electric mowers:

Electric mowers have many advantages over gas-powered mowers. For one, they are much quieter, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. They are also more environmentally friendly, because they emit no emissions. Electric mowers are also easier to start than gas-powered mowers, just push a button. And they require little maintenance. Finally, they tend to be cheaper buy and operate than gas-powered mowers.

Disadvantages of electric mowers:

Electric mowers have many advantages over gasoline-powered mowers, but they also have a few disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage is that they require electricity to operate, so they are not useful when the battery goes dead. They are not the best choice for larger yards.

How to choose the right electric mower for your needs:

When it comes to choosing the right cordless electric lawn mower for your needs, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into account. The first is what kind of terrain you’ll be mowing. If you have a lot of hills or uneven ground, you’ll need a mower with a good amount of power and torque. If you’re mostly mowing flat surfaces, any standard electric mower should work fine.

The second factor to consider is the size of your property. If your yard is large, you’ll want to make sure the mower has a large cutting deck so you can cover more ground in less time. And if you have a lot of trees or other obstacles in your yard, you’ll want to choose a mower with a good number of height adjustments to help you get around them easily.

Once you’ve considered those factors, the next step is to decide on a budget. Electric mowers range in price from around $100 up to several hundred dollars, so choose one that fits your needs and your budget.

Once you’ve decided on all of that, the last thing to do is go out and test drive some different models. This will help give you a better idea of which ones might work best for your specific needs. So take your time and do your research, and before long you’ll be ready to buy the perfect electric mower for your home.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

What to expect when switching to an cordless electric lawn mower:

When making the switch to a cordless electric lawn mower, there are a few things that you can expect. The first is that electric mowers are much quieter than gas-powered mowers, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. Electric mowers are also more environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions, and they require less maintenance than gas-powered mowers.

Electric mowers are also much lighter than gas-powered mowers, which makes them easier to maneuver around your yard. This means you can have a great looking lawn with less effort. And finally, electric mowers typically last longer and require less repairs.

The cost of electric mowers vs gas mowers:

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to buy an electric or gas-powered lawn mower. The first factor is the initial cost of the mower. Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are usually more expensive to buy than electric lawn mowers. However, electric lawn mowers have a longer lifespan than gasoline-powered lawn mowers, so you will likely save money in the long run by choosing an electric model.

The second factor to consider is the cost of operating the mower. Gasoline-powered lawn mowers use up gasoline quickly, which can be expensive over time. Electric lawn mowers use up electricity, but this is typically much cheaper than gasoline. In addition, electric lawn mowers don’t produce emissions, so they are better for the environment than gasoline-powered models.

The third factor to consider is how easy the mower is to operate. Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are often louder and more difficult to start than electric ones. They can also be hard to start after sitting all winter. Electric lawn mowers are also lighter and easier to maneuver around your yard.


Ultimately, the decision of whether to buy an electric or gas-powered lawn mower depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you are looking for a durable and environmentally friendly option, then an electric model may be a good choice for you.

Electric mowers may have only come on the scene recently, but their long list of benefits make them a worthy consideration for any lawn owner. Electric mowers are not just easier to use and maintain than gas mowers, they are also friendlier to the environment.

Furthermore, when purchasing an electric mower it is important to consider your individual needs and budget in order to ensure you’re getting the right type at the right price. And when making the switch, expect noiseless operation and lower operational costs over time. In short, electric mowers provide a great value while still reigning king in terms of convenience and environmental impact.

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