How to Rethink Christmas Gift Wrapping and reduce Waste

It’s time to rethink Christmas gift wrapping. Rethinking the way we wrap Christmas presents is something that is becoming more popular every year. It can help reduce waste from traditional wrapping paper and packaging.

Instead of using single-use, disposable materials for wrapping gifts, reusable rapping is an eco-friendly alternative to gift giving.

You have options

There are many options including reusable gift bags, cloth wraps, boxes or jars, old newspapers or magazines, ribbons, bows, or even fabric material from scrap fabric. Being creative with the materials you use for gift wraps is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.

Gift Bags

Reusable gift bags are also a great reusable gift wrap option that comes in different sizes and colors so you can find one that suits your style and budget best. You can get reusable bags in many different types of materials. Paper, Plastic, and cloth are some common options. Reusing a gift bag helps reduce Christmas waste from wrapping paper and material every year!

Cloth & Fabric

Fabric wrapping using cloth wraps from scrap fabric that can be used again each year. By choosing zero waste gift wrap and packaging, you can reduce the amount of garbage produced during the holidays. Not only does this help reduce your environmental impact but it also helps spread a message of sustainability to friends and family who receive reusable fabric gift wrap from you! So do your part this holiday season and opt for zero waste gift wrap instead!

A box, jar or basket

Reusing a box, jar, or basket is also a great reusable wrapping option. These items can be reused for storage after the presents have been opened. They also come pre-decorated for the holidays and some even look better than wrapping paper


Reusable ribbon and bows are another great reusable Christmas wrapping option. Instead of using plastic ribbons, opt for reusable bows made from materials like fabric or paper which can be used multiple times. These reusable ribbons and bows will add an extra touch of festive cheer while still reducing garbage!

Tissue paper

Reusable tissue paper is also an eco-friendly reusable gift wrapping option that can be used for a variety of gifts! This reusable tissue paper is made from recycled materials and can be reused multiple times, reducing the amount of waste generated from traditional single use wrapping paper.

Chose wisely

By choosing reusable gift wrap options, you can help reduce the amount of garbage produced during the holidays while still having beautiful-looking gifts to give out.

Not only will reusable gift wrap reduce waste from wrapping paper and packaging, but it also saves money in the long run! Wrapping gifts with reusable products means no longer needing to purchase new rolls of wrapping paper every year.

When buying items online this holiday season, opt for recyclable materials instead of plastic whenever possible. Consider reusing some of the packing materials you receive in your own deliveries to help reduce waste. Don’t forget to recycle materials when you can, such as cardboard boxes and plastic bags.


Recycle wrapping paper and other materials responsibly when you can, and opt for reusable wrapping materials whenever possible. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can reduce all the waste from wrapping paper and packaging Christmas morning

Reduce Christmas waste from gift wrapping and package materials this year by opting for reusable wrapping materials for gift giving. And don’t forget to recycle what you can. Your wallet and the environment will thank you! So rethink your gift wrapping this Christmas season and help reduce the amount of garbage produced while still giving beautiful presents to your loved ones!

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